Disney’s New Recycling Trend

So recently Disney seems to have a new fascination with recycling, and sadly I am not talking about any attempts to go green. I am talking about how Disney loves to remake its own movies. But heck, they gotta get it right sometime, right?

RIGHT! Finally, Disney is once again back to making movies that don’t completely SUCK! Hurrah!

Disney seems to be heading towards a series of live-action re-boots of their already famed and much loved cartoons, particularly those involving princesses. (Oh my God live-action Mulan, fingers crossed!) With the recent release of Cinderella, and the announcement that Beauty and the Beast is soon to follow, we can all look forward to seeing our favorite Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey hotties in productions that don’t result in their characters dying!

This may be the most diabolically brilliant thing Disney has done in a long time. The reason I say this is because, let’s face it, besides all of those brainless minions who actually seem to think Frozen is a good movie, (If you were 15 or under when you watched it, you get a pass) the rest of us have been watching Disney produce disappointing, irritating, sad attempts to be what it once was, for years.

Which brings me to Cinderella, the perfect movie to take your children, immature girlfriend or aging grandparents to on a sunny, Sunday afternoon, and I do mean that in all sincerity.

For all intents and purposes, there was really nothing wrong with Disney’s live-action remake of Disney’s Cartoon version of Cinderella. It was very… pretty. And nothing overly horrible or movie wrecking happened. Slow clap.

However, I do not want to give Disney all the credit, props to their casting Director Lucy Bevan for picking Richard Madden (GOT- Rob Stark) to be the prince, and Lily James (Downton Abbey- Rose) as Cinderella, because let’s face it, they were the main reason to watch this version of a movie you have probably already seen about 1000 times. But of course they are not the only familiar Hollywood faces to appear in the movie, which also included Cate Blanchett as the evil Stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the fairly-drunk, Fairy Godmother.

And can we just talk about Cate Blanchett’s amazing wardrobe for a minute? From what I understand it may just be the one aspect of the film that got the most flack, don’t hate. I loved everything about it. In a movie that literally revolves around magic, I don’t think anyone should concern themselves with the costumes being “unrealistic.”

What I found most endearing about this flick, besides Lily James’s adorably spacey portrayal of “Ella,” or Madden looking maddeningly cute dressed as the Prince, was the fact that they actually tried to make the story better. Sure, some people out there might be put off by the lack of singing mice, but it was nice to see a glimmer of morals in an otherwise shallow story of a Prince liking a girl who he’s met once because she is hot. Finally a Disney princess reimagined as a good character, even if she does still have an unrealistically tiny waste.

This article was written by Alethea Cho, a writer for dusk magazine. 

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6 Comments on Disney’s New Recycling Trend

  1. How do you feel about the live action Beauty and Beast?


  2. This was a very interesting post, and I love the term of “recycling!” I agree with you about the Cinderella remake for the most part. I overall enjoyed the film, but thought it was pretty average.

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  3. Cinderella was pleasant, I didn’t have many complaints, I just hope they can pull off a just as average version of Beauty in the Beast since I think that one is easier to mess up.


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