My Encounter with Mitragyna Speciosa

A strange glow, smells, and shifting vibrations fill my kitchen as my first kratom stew simmers on the stove. The day is Wednesday and Wednesday has been waving pleasantly to me upon receiving two packets of Mitragyna Speciosa, or Kratom. Kratom is a plant in the coffee family hailing from Southeast Asia and this plant that has been getting media into a new drug-craze likening it to that of bath salts and heroin. Ah, my tea is ready.

The kratom powder doesn’t blend very well with any liquid and preparing this is equally as grueling as mixing protein powder in milk with a plastic knife. I knock the first cup back and it tastes strangely similar to the “Kale-ribbean Breeze” smoothie from Jamba Juice. (I’m on to you Jamba Juice) I wait forty-five minutes or so for the effects to come on that never really came while reading up on the substance in popular news outlets. The general media has a strange fascination with drugs. When it comes to these kinds of things, news anchors and newsmen and news writers alike love to report on things they know so little about while many men get incredible kicks out of throwing different filters on reality. This is especially true when it’s in the legal side of the door frame, their side, with nothing to protect them from the junkies high on wild drugs.

As I sip my second cup of kratom tea and write this article, the real truth here is that I was expecting a lot more, subjectively speaking. This most certainly is not heroin, nor bath salts, or even marijuana. This is more of a smoking a filtered cigarette kind of buzz. Is this what this has all been about over the last few years ever since kratom accrued it’s popularity? You bet it is. People need other people to tell them what to put in their bodies these days. Drink this water. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Take this powerful oxycodone, it’s okay I’m a doctor. Don’t take that powerful oxycodone, I’m not a doctor. Do drink this alcohol though and don’t smoke marijuana because it’s bad and you’ll make Senator Dianne Feinstein cry. Outlaw the drugs for the sake of the children! Don’t pay attention to the trillion dollar drug war either, were trying to cut money for education here.

I’m a standard patriot here and a firm believer in unalienable rights, drug neutrality and personal freedom. These things given, I’m quite happy kratom has flown with it’s legal status for as long as it has. Granted, it’s effects were mild at best for me, I say, good on anyone who gets their kicks from it. That is how all things should be. You want a cancerous burger? You eat the hell out of that burger. Strong alcoholic drink? That’s what it’s there for. Sure, these things may be bad for you but that doesn’t mean you need lawmakers to outlaw them; especially when the huge potential revenue from taxes on good drugs that we enjoy can go back into education and the community, rather than taking money from education and the community to fight against those same drugs that we enjoy. It is insanely paradoxical and prohibition never worked and it still doesn’t, nor will it ever, anywhere, so long as there is demand, and a beautiful new door will open up as soon as that door is closed behind us. Our proverbial hand is on the doorknob and we can see the light radiating through the cracks of the framework.

This article was written by Tyler Ziegler, a writer for dusk magazine.

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