Mad Max: More Than Just Explosions And Dirt?

Mad Max Fury Road….Have you seen it? This seems to be the circulating question I keep encountering at the water cooler and other social settings for the past few weeks. And the answer is, I have.  .As not excited as I was for another 2 hour montage of explosions we pass off as action movies these days, I shelled out the extra to see it in an imax and sat back for the extended trailer for Borderlands, I mean Mad Max.

It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to say about this movie, over a week actually.  As my friends and colleagues discussed the premature summer block buster, I nodded my head to undeniable fact that Tom Hardy is sexy and I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel, though in the back of my mind I couldn’t help shake this looming feeling that the movie was largely substance-less, and though visually stunning, did severely lack in character or plot development.

But it wasn’t bad either, actually it was very entertaining. Fury Road has a cast of incredibly attractive people, explosions, car chases (the whole movie is one giant car chase…) gun fights, spear fights, lots and lots of sand…you get the idea.  However  the thing that I really did like, and have finally decided to write about is: Charlize Theron.

Furiosa made the movie.  I’ve already read some “this is so feminist rants” but I didn’t see the movie quite that way.  What I did see was the beautiful re-birth of the bad-ass female action star.  One-armed and dirty, Theron’s Furiosa is all the fury in Fury Road.

Let’s face it, we’ve been without an awesome female action star for quite some time now.  As a Gen-Y girl, some of my favorite female characters growing up where Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in the Alien tetralogy, and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conor in the Terminator(s).  I grew up in a glorious time when being a tough-chick was more cool than being a sexy one….Which is why I appreciated the moment when Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley (god that’s a long name) died in the movie, no offense to the actress, I just like my movies with a little more grittiness and less Victoria’s Secret.

No I won’t deny the whole thing was a little over the top with it’s men are monster and women are intelligent creatures that need to be free of the cages the monster-men put them in, (though still a highly relevant subject in society) but if it takes that to get a good actress playing a bad-ass on screen, then I am all for it!  Sure the men helped, but at least these women took some damn initiative and didn’t wait, locked in their tower, for Tom Hardy, I mean Prince Charming…

It’s good to see movies that are well-rounded.  I won’t say it was the best movie ever, and that you are super missing-out if you don’t see it, but I will say it was really nice to see an action movie where the female characters were not all useless damsels in distress, as they largely have been for the past 10 or more years.  Fury Road was like a glass of water in a dessert of poorly-written female characters, finally something I can swallow.  It was especially refreshing at a time when Game of Thrones has taken a nose-dive with it’s portrayal and treatment of women. Let’s send Furiosa in there to clean Westeros Right up.

So that’s the positive, and while we’re skirting around the topic of objectifying women in TV and movies and pretty much everything else, I really would have liked to see a little more of Tom Hardy shirtless… like all lot more, all the time… Just saying, I wouldn’t mind.

This article was written by Alethea Cho, a writer for dusk magazine. 

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1 Comment on Mad Max: More Than Just Explosions And Dirt?

  1. arekexcelsior // July 19, 2016 at 12:49 am // Reply

    I firmly argue that Mad Max was at least one of the top three best films of 2015. I think it’s easily comparable to Room, and worth rewatching a lot more. I’m glad that you identified that the movie is very much a fairy tale, but with a female huntress-type character as a distaff counterpart.

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