It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (For Gamers)

If you are any sort of video game nerd or tech-head like I am, then you are no doubt aware that Sunday, June 14th is the start of the best week to be alive. That is because the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, is upon us once again. This yearly convention is a one stop shop for the newest video games announcements, complete with demos and hands on access. It gives gamers a preview of what is to come for the rest of the year, and is like a birthday, Christmas, and Hannukah all rolled into one. For those with prior knowledge of E3, I’m sure that you share my excitement, but for those who are just now learning about this wonderful conference, let me provide you with a brief rundown of how the whole thing works.

First off, we have press conferences; lots of them. Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Nintendo, and Ubisoft all have individual press conferences where they will reveal new games and projects to the masses. New this year is also a press conference with a focus on PC gaming, sponsored by AMD, a main graphics card manufacturer. These conferences include developers and high ranking company officials giving fans and media an inside look at what to expect in the coming months. A second major component to these conferences is of course, trailers. Similar to movies, a good game trailer will get fans excited to experience a new games for themselves, and nothing is better than seeing an epic trailer premiere for one of your favorite game franchises. If you are a person interested in keeping up with the latest announcements in the world of gaming, then you MUST be sure to check out the press conferences. Most, if not all of the conferences, will be livestreamed for your viewing pleasure at

Next up is the show floor itself. This is where a lucky few will be allowed to go hands on and experience these newly announced games firsthand. Most of these people will be games journalists and industry personalities, since E3 is mainly a media event, since companies use it to get the word out about their new games. This can cause problems for those of us stuck experiencing the event from home, since not all of the new, hot games will have dedicated trailers or explanations in the press conference section of the show. However, that doesn’t mean that we common folk have to miss out on the experience completely. In today’s age of livestreaming and podcasting, making sure you get the full E3 experience is only a few clicks away. Video games news sites host direct from the show floor, bringing wall to wall coverage from games, journalists, and developers. This year, be sure to check out Roosterteeth (, who will host a stage for Youtube’s coverage of the event, and promise to have several special guests stop by. Another one of my personal favorites is Giant Bomb (, who host a nightly podcast during E3 that recounts their experiences getting to demo games on the show floor, as well as bringing in special guests including the creators of E3’s hottest new games. These are two of my personal favorites, but be sure to check any and all of your top news sources to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the coverage!

The final component of E3 is undoubtedly the reaction phase. When all of the press conferences are done, and the show floor closes, it falls to us to put the pieces together. What is the general consensus, whose game lineup is the strongest, and what are our personal favorites. These facts are often hotly debated, and which company “won” the conference is in the forefront of consumer’s minds. For my money, the real winners are the gamers themselves, the ones who get to bring these brand new games and experiences into their own living rooms!

*Be sure to check back next week for my post-E3 thoughts if it interests you!

This article was written by Lucas Woodward, a writer for dusk magazine. 

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