Donald Trump: A Hairy Situation

The real estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump has had a rough few weeks, to say the least. Most of the harsh backlash is completely warranted, however, as Trump managed to frighten not only Democrats but many fellow Republicans as well with his xenophobic comments that found their way out of the billionaire’s mouth during his take on discussing immigration. In a controversial statement, Trump recently stated, “The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists.” Despite his horrendous comments, Trump remains unfazed, claiming that that he “[has] a great relationship with the Mexican people” and later proudly declaring, “I’ll win the Latino vote.”

We understand that politicians are constantly under surveillance, especially upon announcing their presidential campaign, with the announcement to run for office often coinciding with vicious reports and statements surfacing from years past in a desperate effort to find any sort of dirt they might on any person running for office. This thorough informal investigation, although pesky and invasive, surely does get the job done. But this wasn’t some sort of offhand comment Trump made, not that that would make matters significantly better. Rather, this sort of statement was an articulated and thought-out expression of his belief, a belief that stems from a transparent ignorance of a group of people.

When Trump isn’t blaming the Mexican people for infiltrating the otherwise pure and sanctified United States with “drugs” and “infectious disease,” he also enjoys conveying messages of using his astounding net worth of $4-billion to his advantage. Instead of taking the commonly used, and more often abused, political rhetoric employed by most affluent presidential candidates of trying to best understand and represent the interests of the average American, Trump does not shy away from his wealth. He intends, instead, to use his savvy business strategies to bolster our economy. His business endeavors from a political lens are beginning to look rather dismal, however, given that after his repeated offenses in attacking Mexican populations, the following companies have all distanced themselves from Trump by completely severing any relationship with the billionaire: Univision, Televisa, Farouk Systems, NBC Universal, Macy’s, NASCAR, Serta, ESPN, and PGA.

Despite his controversial statements, found to be factually unsound, there are those who do support him, including the problematic radio show host, Rush Limbaugh, who recently praised Trump for his “blinding achievement” (perhaps in the form of hurling dung into the eyes of the American people).

While it is certainly disheartening to hear statements like this being made in a 2016 presidential campaign, it is important that these voices do exist. One of the products of ensuring freedom of speech is that everyone gets to be heard, regardless of how ugly the voice may be. That said, it is the response that will ultimately determine the nature of our society’s character. Given that the overwhelming majority of the American people dismiss Trump again and again, he is luckily not a serious threat to our nation’s future. Instead, we should seize this opportunity to kick back and enjoy the unfolding of this soap opera known as the presidential campaign, as we watch want-to-be leaders stumble through speeches, decay through debates, and make way for a worthy candidate.

This article was written by Amar Ojha, founder and writer at dusk magazine. 

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