Have You Skinny Dipped Today?

Do you have the courage to shed lifelong fabric entrapments and jump to the occasion? This week , The American Association for Nude Recreation is campaigning for people to come forth in their birthday suits and join them in the 2015 SkinnyDip , the association is making an attempt to break its previous skinny dipping world record.   In 2009, the club had 13,648 skinny dippers, during the celebration of Nude Recreation Week.

Skinny dipping is all about having fun, shedding the ties that bind us as a society, and having the courage to dip our “toes” in to a culture that some of our grandparents considered taboo. While established naturism, as a movement, is very young social nudity is as old as the beginning of time. Nudism has played an important role in world development and has been a part of many social and political structures from, Greece to Victorian England, and on to America. During the twentieth century, nudism became more acceptable in America, a movement called naturism began to spread. In 1933 nudist clubs and resorts began to open up in America, some are still in operation today including The Rock Lodge Club in Stockholm, New Jersey.

Nudism is the state of being naked, while naturism is a lifestyle which embraces nature, respect for others, healthy eating, yoga , and pacifism as well as nudity. America has become more comfortable with nudity due to television and media. Fifty years ago bans against human contact were put in place at nudist camps due to the fear of seeing nude people touching being considered as pornographic. Today, the majority of those bans have been lifted as Americans have come to realize that the unrestrained sexuality and public erotica never came to pass. The fear of sin and depravity that Americans once felt over their sexuality has been replaced with an obsession over body image.

The Baby Boomber’s and Gen-Xer’s are not the only ones participating in the fun by taking it off,   Millennials have stepped up to shed their entrapments and show off their skin suits too. Young Naturists (YN) and Young Nudists America (YNA) is a 35 and under organization for all people interested in naturism, nudism and nude related activities. The group is constantly advocating for tolerance, acceptance, censorship, positive body image and other social causes. Body shaming among naturists is considered a vulgar practice. YN and YNA promote body positive ideals, an culture that millennials’ can truly appreciate.

If a person is courageous enough, and is interested in the naturism lifestyle. This is the week to shed worldly ties and jump to the occasion. Help break a world record and participate in your local 2015 SkinnyDip!

This article was written by Laurell Morse, a writer for dusk magazine. 

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  1. The Activist // August 12, 2015 at 8:10 am // Reply

    Not today did last week at the club and had a swim in the river in July

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