A Device to End the Patient Physician Conflict

Are you a patient who feels like they understand their condition better than their physician? Are you a patient who disagrees with their doctor over whether or not certain blood tests are necessary? Or are you patient that feels that their concerns are flat out ignored? Sadly this is a reality that many patients face, and to make matters worse, a lot of physicians are unwilling to listen to the patient’s worries and legitimate concerns. Thankfully, with the internet, and a new device straight out of the future from Silicon Valley, you can take control of your health… At least in regards to your bloodwork.

In an age of fitness trackers and multiple tools to keep track of your personal health this new device brings self-health awareness to a new level. Elizabeth Holmes, a self-made billionaire, is stirring up traditional medical laboratories across the country. As the founder of Theranos, this biotechnical firm is using the latest advancements in nanotechnology and micro fluids to condense an entire blood draw laboratory into the size of a self-serve kiosk. By using a small blood sample from a pin prick on your finger, an entire set of blood tests can be run, with results delivered to you in four hours or less.

But how does it work? It’s relatively simple! After pricking your finger, the blood is placed on a slide, similar to a diabetic testing strip. From there, the blood travels into the machine and is microscopically divided into each testing Nano chip. Each Nano chip is then run for a different test or blood work panel. The results are then electronically converted into a positive or negative test result and sent to their portal, to your health care provider, or to your email. The kiosk even offers to find you a specialist in your area for abnormal test results.

Better news? Currently, these tests are about half of what current Medicare patients pay for lab work. Fantastic news? You only need one finger prick for 100’s of tests. Amazing News? The first round of tests Theranos has developed has passed through quality testing and received FDA clearance.

So not only are these kiosks safe, they are already in practice with about 80 kiosks in Walgreens stores in Arizona! After more funding is allocated and the rest of the tests are developed Theranos aims to become the nationwide leader in self-serve healthcare. A kiosk for every Walgreens and better health for all… And won’t it be nice to shove a positive test result in your doctor’s face and say “I told you so?”

This article was written by Katie Moore, a writer for dusk magazine. 

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