Maria for President

Maria Bamford is erratic, unpredictable and literally mentally ill. She performs before thousands of people and makes them laugh and cheer, and even has her own TV show about her life. In short, she has all the qualities to run in this year’s presidential election and come out on top. That, however, is no proper introduction to who is sure to be the first woman president in United States history.

In Little Lake Pequa, Minnesota, in the heart of the midwest, Maria was raised in a typical American family. With all the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in the Cold War era, and the additional strain of social anxiety (now de rigueur for any of us lucky enough to grow up in flyover states), she was able to study and perform from the age of 19 both in the United States and abroad in the UK. As is the standard in the field of comedy these days, Maria has been a constant worker in different forms of entertainment. Doing stand-up on the road, as well as dozens of roles in film and television, has seen her through five studio albums and an expansive career over the last few decades. This results in a career with no ‘big break’ but a steady climb into the public eye, culminating in Lady Dynamite, which premiered on Netflix this summer. The show is loosely based on Bamford’s life, and follows her as she tries to connect with the community, find the love of her life and become famous all at the same time.

The style of comedy employed in the show and in her stand up seems very indicative of Maria’s personality. Even though she is almost never very loud nor indecent (staples of some successful comedians), her total commitment to her impressions and personal exposure in her act comes across as extremely genuine and absurdly funny. It makes perfect sense that she had a role on Arrested Development’s new run, because like the show, her style is impressively fast and cutting. Transitioning jokes and voices quickly throughout her act, Maria echoes her mom, her sister, the devil, God, the common modern housewife and herself to unconscionable effect.

As much as I would love to pick between Trump, Hillary, and whoever is still in this election in November, we need to seriously consider Mrs. Bamford. She has the fortitude to live with Bipolar II disorder and talk about it in front of thousands of people, as well as the ability to laugh at herself and the world around her. As a severely self-deprecating individual myself, I think a healthy respect for reality and absurdity of life would be a welcome change to politics. It is difficult to really nail down the personalities and trustworthiness of a lot of politicians these days, and with her strong work ethic and transparent, honest personality, I don’t see why Lady Dynamite wouldn’t make a great Lady President.

This article was written by Jake Perry, a writer for dusk magazine. 

About Jake Perry (12 Articles)
I'm an 18-35 year old professional chef/LCMS technician who loathes western Colorado based coffee roasters and writes for Dusk magazine. My heroes are Bo Burnham and Weird Al Yankovich

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