The Wheel Keeps Turning and Nothing Ever Changes

In 2008, I helped a friend try to get a loan modification for his home. The loan was held by Bank of America. I know how you feel, dear reader, my soul died a bit whilst writing the name. My friend had fallen upon hard times and was trying to reduce cost wherever possible. He did not live in a wealthy area. He and his family resided in a mid to low income area. We sent in all the information that Bank of America requested. We would inquire weekly as to the status of the modification. The answer from the bank was not all the paperwork had been received. The paperwork is sent again. They would say they have not received it. The dance went on for over a year. I will not bore you with the machinations of Bank of America as they are readily available in detail online. Long story short the bank drew it out long enough that eventually my friend faced foreclosure.

In 2015, I helped another friend try to get a loan modification this time with Seterus. Right out of the gate, when we called to see if they received the paperwork, we are told they never received it. I told them it was sent with a request for a signature by the receiver. We had the verification that they received the documentation. “OMG,” the voice at the other end of the call exclaimed, “Here it is filed under another section.” “Holy Bank of America Batman!” The same jargon as before. The story the public is fed is that the government went after the banks and Wall Street to make them “pay” for crippling the economy not only of America but the whole world. The banks are stronger than ever and getting bigger. Homeowners are still getting jerked around when they try to get a loan modification.


Flint, Michigan, the government, is criminally negligent. Men, women, children and infants poisoned by lead in their drinking water. No one accepts responsibility. No one is held accountable. The people get jerked around, and nobody goes to jail.


The New York Times magazine in a 3/21/16 article titled “THE INVISIBLE CATASTROPHE” by Nathaniel Rich; tells the tale of how Southern California Gas poisoned the town of Porter Ranch California. Released in the air 100,000 metric tons of methane leaked from a single well. Short term damage, people got sick, and pets died. Long term damage, nobody knows. What they do know is that it will not be good news.

The government regulatory agencies have done nothing to hold Southern California Gas culpable for this horror. Interesting note a sister of the California governor is a paid board member for Southern California Gas. People get sick and die nobody goes to jail.


There is an implied contract between a government and its people. The people pay their taxes, follow the law, keep their noses to the grindstone and swallow whatever excrement governments decide to serve them. Governments will try to ensure that big business and its government lapdog will not rape the people too much. Big business is gangbanging people of the world, and the governments of the world are filming it. How loyal should you be to a master that is cruel and abusive? Society is descending a slippery slope. Is it any wonder that people are walking thru life with their heads fixated on their cellphones? If people were to walk with their heads held high and their eyes looking towards the future all, they would see is the sign from Dante’s Inferno “ABANDON ALL HOPE YEA, WHO ENTER HERE.”

This article was written by Alex Rand, a writer for dusk magazine. 

1 Comment on The Wheel Keeps Turning and Nothing Ever Changes

  1. arekexcelsior // July 21, 2016 at 3:41 am // Reply

    The very fact that you’re able to write that this is occurring, and have people engage with it and see it across the world, is an indication that things in fact do change, a lot. People today are more free from war and more prosperous than ever. I get that things look like a bummer sometimes, but it’s not that we’re building up for a big push for a move toward justice that’s never happened before.


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