We stand on the shoulder of giants. Everything has its basis somewhere. Unless you are God or Da Vinci whatever idea you have, or had, someone or something has laid the ground work. This is not an insult it is just a reality. This essay builds upon the work of the great activist and thinker the honorable Malcolm X.

There are two types of Americans the house American and the field American. The house American talks about how his political party is going to make America a better place and by extension the world a better place. The house American thinks he is living well because the master (the master being big government and big business) tells him he is living well. The master will say this is the best system in the world! The house American echoes “yes sir! This is the best system in the world”. Children go to bed hungry; American citizens live in tents under bridges, and health care is virtually nonexistent.

The master says “I do not like those poor people in that country over there. They look like they are doing something. I do not like that! We will go to war!” The house American echoes “yes sir! We will go to war!” WE! WE will go to war! Neither the master or the master’s family is going to fight in this war. The house American is ready to run and do the masters bidding.

If you ask the house American why is he going all the way over to another country to fight other poor people? With self-righteous pride, the house American responds “Because they are a threat to our way of life.” OUR WAY OF LIFE!  Who is living our way of life?  The politician? The senator? The C.E.O of big business? They are driving around in fancy cars. They have 4 or 5 houses, eat 12 meals a day. Send their kids to safe schools. Where the books that are up to date. They can feed and cloth their children. While the average family has to work 2 or 5 jobs, eat their meals, if they can afford a meal, at Maccrappys, Barfer King or Slopways. The average American spends half their income on rent. The field American asks “What exactly is OUR WAY OF LIFE?!  If I can’t pay my rent, I will be evicted. If I can’t put food on the table, my family will starve”. The field American asks “If I buy shoes can I still afford to buy bread?”

If you said to the house American, “There is a better way to live.  A better system. A system with less stress. A healthier system. A place to raise a family in peace. Let us go and try”. The house American says “OH NO! what do you mean try something else?! What system of government is better than this? Where can I wear better clothes than this? Where can I get better food than this? Where will I watch my television shows?” Most house Americans have never been outside their neighborhoods let alone outside the country. So how would they know if there is or is not a better way? The master tells the house American “You don’t want to go anywhere else. If you do, the boogity man will get you”. The house American says “That’s right! Other people are strange and they scare me! Let’s go to war and kill them so they don’t scare me no more.”

The house American loves the master. He wants to be like him.  Let’s take ENRON or any big business; they are all the same. The house American loved the Enron masters. They loved them so much they wanted to be like them. They wanted to live like them, dress like them, act like them. The masters decided to destroy ENRON. The house American, who loved the master so much, and knew the master destroyed the company for his own profit. Still, the house American asked, “What is the master going to do?” WHAT IS THE MASTER GOING TO DO? The master took all their money, all their savings, and their self-worth. That is what the master is going to do! See “ENRON the smartest guys in the room” for the full picture.

Americans will be picking a new master. One master is a traitor the other a Machiavellian businessman. How did it get to the point where the best America can do is choose the lesser of two evils?  The politics of America was and is flawed. It was flawed before the founding masters created it, while they were creating it and after they created it.  To quote “They just traded one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away.”

Elections are and always will be a popularity contest. REALITY TV. The sheeple say if Clinton gets in she will be the first woman president. Let’s just ignore the one or two or ten scandals? Whitewater was just another version of the ENRON scandal. The main players walked away unscathed and very, very wealthy. What about the daily worker, landscaper, construction worker, secretary, driver, etc. When these projects get stopped the regular guy does not get a GOLDEN umbrella, the regular guy gets a PINK slip.

Should the secretary of state be sending vital security documents using an unsecured server? Would not protecting national security be a fundamental obligation of the secretary of state? There is a purpose for security measures.  A safety belt, in a car, is worn for a reason. If something should happen it should protect you. If you have a frivolous, devil may care, attitude and do not use the security measure and something does happen. It will not be very pretty.

Benghazi is a matter of record one she is fully responsible for. Ensuring the protection of U.S citizens when they are abroad is definitely within the job description. How does the house American overlook these actions? OH! If she gets in she will be the first woman president! That would be so clutch! Golly gee gidget that is so much more important.

The Donald has had his share of scandals. 1970, Trump was sued for not renting to minorities. Trump University is sued for taking money from students and not teaching them anything. In that case, we should sue every college in America. Disparaging remarks towards women and minorities and the handicapped.

His scandals never came at a cost of American lives.

Sherlock Holmes said it is important not only to see but also to observe. Whatever The Donald’s failings he has some exceptional children. They have a famous name, but each of them is successful in their own right. In addition to working with their father furthering his brand, they have their own enterprises.

At the RNC they all gave powerful speeches, had excellent control of the audience and conducted themselves with poise and dignity befitting a presidential family. Some will say that was not his doing but his wife’s. This he freely admits. He has said many times if he cannot do the job he will find the right person to do it. Isn’t that one of the things a president should do? Find the right person for the job.

He made sure his family had a roof over their heads and food on the table. He went out and built a kingdom. He could do this knowing he could trust his wife to build and maintain the inner kingdom. Find the right person for the job. Observe.

The children are fiercely loyal to their patriarch. This does not come from being wealthy. Loyalty is not bought. Loyalty is earned. Loyalty comes from love and respect. Any parent will tell you; it is tough raising children. It is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get.

This country, this world, is facing troubling times anyone that says different is not paying attention or is trying to sell you something. We have not fallen off the cliff, but we can see its edge. We are so close to the precipice because the people have been myopic. They only see two parties. There always have been other parties to choose, but they are strange and scary.

The barbarians are at the gate! Mes enfants.  Actually, they are past the gate and are now in the vestibule. So choose, but choose with cautious trepidation. In future elections, if this country survives this one. We should use as a guide the quote from Howard Arnold Walters; I would be true, for there are those who trust me; I would be pure for there are those who care; I would be strong for there is much to suffer; I would be brave for there is much to dare.

This article was written by Alex Rand, a writer for dusk magazine. 

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